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The Cavi Society

  Children As Victims Inquiry


Cell Phones 

Press Release

More Conformation That Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumors

Dr Mercola Talking 

Department of Health under pressure to increase precautions over children’s mobile phone use

Long-term use of mobile phones 'may be linked to cancer'

Mobile phones 'should not be used by under 12s'





Statement to Parents:

"The Cavi Society, along with a group of concerned parents, are dismayed to see that the document issued by Solihull Council regarding their policy on Wifi in borough schools, appears to be biased in favour of Wifi and is without the necessary caveats that we would have thought desirable.We invite parents to judge for themselves, and in the light of all the information available to them on our links page, to come to their own conclusions. A detailed analysis of our view will appear here shortly."

U.S. Senate Hearing Confirms Dangers of Cell Phones

Living in a Wireless World A Neuroscientist Parent Speaks